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  Ningxia ChuanNeng Chemical Development Co.Ltd, a manufacturing enterprise that is specializing in development  of auxiliary technology of coal chemical industry, be dedicating in research and development、production、sales and technical service for key technique of coal chemical industry chain.

  Trust by honest, commitment with diligence and wisdom. Ningxia ChuanNeng Chemical Co.Ltd is willing to cooperate with you sincerely, and win a better future hand-in-hand.

Technology research

In order to optimize and extend service items, the company gathers  technical force of Shanghai and Ningxia, and found a research and development center that integrates basic research, product design and system assessment, The company can provide omnibearing engineering and process support, including grading-scheme design of different coal type customization of special additives、analysis of processing property of slurrying、organization of optimization scheme for slurrying.

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